I can't be active as I am before on tumblr, because of school stuff and I don't know but I'm not in my mood for tumblr. I think I need co-owner for my account. If you're interested you can message me :) I'll read as soon as I log in to tumblr ;)

Check out my theme page here, I think will be no new theme at the moment but why not to check them? :)

{Almost 1,5k and I love you all} Fansign Promo



  • Almost 1,500 of you lovely people are following me, and I’d like to thank you for that by doing some fansigns xx
  • reblog this; like won’t count
  • mbf me
  • check out my BOTM <3
  • I’ll be doing 7 Fansigns and promo the rest in lists
  • you’ve got time to reblog until I get back from the dentist :/ (2morrow at ~1pm GMT/17.04.)

I’m going to the dentist now so last chance to reblog, guys :)) x cya later

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